As a person with multiple disabilities, I know first hand about what many with disabilities deal with on a day to day basis. A disability doesn't mean "Not Able", sometimes its just a matter of a change in attitude/awareness, or a small accommodation that can make all the difference for people to successfully perform their jobs, be able to frequent local business and venues, live in their homes and be able to visit family and friends.... in other words to be included in all facets of life: live, work, play. So lets diss the "dis"ability and help create a world that is one of ABILITY: Accessible & Inclusive.


Achieving AccessAbility Consulting Services was created to help fill a need for business owners and for individuals (people with disabilities and seniors). Making businesses more accessible means being more inclusive for employees and customers, thus increasing hiring options, employee retention and potential for increased revenue due to acquiring customers of varying abilities. Helping people with disabilities, those who acquire disabilities, and seniors meet their personal needs and/or make their home more accessible provides great satisfaction knowing that people are receiving basic human rights at all stages of their lives.

Carol-Ann Chafe

Carol-Ann has a vast background of work experiences and education that has married well with her work in accessibility/disability. Taking this knowledge and experience she applies it to all that she does to help bring inclusion of people of all abilities into the workplace, their homes and the community. 

Below is a list of her involvement in Accessibility:

Member of the Mississauga Accessibility Advisory Committee since 2006
Chair of the Mississauga Accessibility Advisory Committee (2015 -2019 term)
Member of the Facility Accessibility Design Subcommittee (City of Mississauga) since 2007
Member of the International Transportation Engineer's Committee: Sustainable Traffic Signal Development, as the Accessibility Advisor, since 2012
Member of The Riverwood Conservancy Garden Committee (Enabling Garden) as Accessibility Advisor
Member of the Promotional Awareness Subcommittee (City of Mississauga Accessibility Advisory Committee) since 2007
Member of Peel Partners in Accessibility
Member of the Planning Committee for the 2nd Annual Abilities Award 2014

Along with her work in accessibility Carol-Ann brings a background of career experience that enhances her knowledge in areas of construction/built environments, customer service, marketing, promotion and sales. Below are just a few of her professional training and career experiences that means she brings a vast skillset to every project.

Appraisal Assessment Technology Diploma (2 year course that included architectural drafting, construction, surveying and more). After completion of this course Carol-Ann worked in the industry for many years as a lead property assessor and as a CMHC Appraiser. These jobs required evaluating existing, new homes and building along with evaluating renovation projects, based on floor/site plans, construction site visits, knowledge of building standards, build costing and market evaluations.

Real Estate Licensing Course and then over a decade as a sales rep for new and existing homes and small businesses


Senior Residence Marketer

​Extra curricular independent semester courses that provide knowledge that is useful in accessibility audits: Interior Decorating, Urban Geography 101 & 201

Achieving AccessAbility Consulting Services